Beer belly

Health Insights – Why a Beer Belly Will Kill You

Most people in the world who consume beer, are at risk of having a pot belly. This is because a single beer contains more calories which turn their waistline into a pot belly. A study conducted recently shows that all alcohol is not associated with midsection fat. What happens is that your liver put priority in burning fat before metabolizing fat.

This causes visceral fat that increases the risk of insulin resistance, high cholesterol, abdominal obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Alcohol also aids the subcutaneous fat growth. You should avoid beer since it will definitely lead to a beer belly which is unhealthy, and will put you at a risk of diseases and even death. Here are some of the reasons why a beer belly will kill you.

Beer belly fat limits brain power

Beer bellyIf you have a growing belly due to beer, your brain is more likely to shrink. This is because liver contains protein that metabolizes fat that is also found in the brain. This protein in the brain is responsible for learning and memory. When you become a victim of a belly fat, it drains this protein in the brain and liver.

A study has shown that people with a beer belly have a high risk of Alzheimer’s. This is a resistance type of insulin found in the brain. They may also be at a risk of dementia since they do not exercise as much as compared to people without the beer belly. All these risks will lead to death.

Beer belly fat can cause metabolic syndrome

When you consumer beer, you are likely to have beer belly fat, and with time you will be diagnosed with metabolic syndrome. This is a condition that puts you at risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, and obesity. These disorders are the silent killers. They inhibit your body’s ability to store and consume energy effectively. A study has shown that obesity, high blood pressure, and stroke are the main killers in the world.

Beer belly fat causes erectile dysfunction

Belly fatBeer belly fat may affect your sexual function. This is because beer belly fat interferes with your body’s ability to take blood to your penis. This can lead to testosterone production to the plummet. Testosterone production is caused by an enzyme called aromatase produced by beer belly fat. This enzyme transforms testosterone to estrogen causing your beer belly fat to reduce testosterone level. The testosterone level reduction, therefore, leads to erectile dysfunction and gynecomastia which can lead to testosterone cancer disorder.

Beer belly fat may compromise your heart health

Most people who have beer belly fat are at a high risk of coronary heart disorder. This disorder incapacitates your heart’s ability to receive oxygen and blood. The study has shown that those with beer belly fat are more likely to have heart diseases that non-beer belly fat counterparts.

Beer belly fat increases breast cancer risk

Breast cancerA higher level of body fat and beer belly fat creates an enzyme which changes testosterone to estrogen.Research has shown that body fat dissemination is mainly as a result of increased risk for estrogen. This causes breast cancer in both women and men. Breast cancer cells are food for estrogen. Estrogen is, therefore, a signal for breast cells growth. These cells later become independent of other monitoring signals which becomes cancerous.

It is essential to note that, before reaching the beer bottle, you should have a second thought about the consequences it comes with. This includes beer belly fat which can kill you due to the reasons discussed above.